Company Profile

Establishment of BWMC

Solid Waste Management (SWM) has long been a neglected sector due to lack of strong commitment on the part of government. City District Government Bahawalpur (CDGB) established BWMC under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance 1984 in 2013 . The company is limited by guarantee having no share capital and is formed not for profit within the meaning of Section-42 of the Companies Ordinance. The BMWC is governed by aBoard of Directors (BODs), headed by a Chairman.

A Services and Asset Management Agreement (SAMA) between CDGB and BWMC, all the functions and assets of SWM department of CDGB and the TMAs has been entrusted to BWMC. LWMC aims to develop an integrated system of solid waste management to ensure efficient collection, transportation, recovery, treatment and disposal of the waste generated in Bahawalpur.

Vision of BWMC
The BWMC mission is to provide for efficient use of the modern technologies and putting the efforts in developing future solid waste disposal programs which will conserve natural resources, reduce the volume, and dispose of non-recoverable wastes in an environmentally sound manner.

Complaint Re-dressal System
BWMC has established Complaint Re-dressal System wherein the citizens of Bahawalpur can easliy lodge thier complans by using the helpline 1139.

Online Compalint Registration

The facility of online registration of the complaint is available on BWMC website The Complaint is redressed within the 24 hours of the submision of the complaint. The complain stats are availble on Moreover theawareness page is also available on the facebook.

Monitoring of SWM operations through IT tools

Ttrackers have been installed on all the operational vehicles to ensure the effeicient & satisfactory waste collection. The VTMS is cost effective and efficient.